Your spa in Aix les bains

Aix les Bains is always a spa capital. Balneotherapy therapy, spa therapy, spa, learn all establishments that welcome you for your stay in Aix-les-Bains. In one of these three centers enjoy the benefits of hot water for healing or relaxing.

The Chevalley spa

The Marlioz spa


Upstream of the ancient Baths, spa Chevalley prefigure the spa of the third millennium with their advanced technology and architecture.

Information: Tel: 00 33 04 79 35 38 50 - Fax: 00 33 04 79 34 03 99


Marlioz spa recommended and approved for the treatment of respiratory and oral mucosa, a health spa in a park extending to 10 hectares. The spa helps prevent or halt the transition to chronicity, reduce or interrupt treatment that is burdensome.

Information: Tel: 00 33 04 79 61 79 61 - Fax: 00 33 04 79 61 79 11


Casino Aix Les Bains
Downtown: 100 m

Congress Aix Les Bains
Convention Centre: 200 m

Golf Aix Les Bains
Golf: 1.8 km

Lake of Bourget
Lake: 3 km


tourism in Aix Les Bains

Tourism Aix Les Bains

A landscape for rest, relaxation, but also in sports and culture: Aix les Bains offers a wide variety of activities ...

Nobody can deny the Abbey Hautecombe its position at the forefront of historical monuments Savoyards. This is certainly the buildings themselves but also their locations on the "Lake Bourget" and their history over which hovers the shadow of the Princely House of Savoy and the tomb of King and Queen of Italy.

Discover the edge of the lake, the center of Aix les Bains and its malls, spend some time at the racetrack...
For sports, the environment is exceptional: the mountains (Bauges) offers mountain biking, skiing, hiking and the lake's water activities. Renowned Golf Aix les Bains is open all year ...

At night, an evening at the Casino, catch a show or a movie located a few meters from the "Hotel Dauphinois".